This is the official blog for First Corporate Solutions (FCS), a global UCC and corporate due diligence and risk management company. Our products and services are designed to help Fortune 500 lending and legal institutions, entrepreneurs, corporate escrow officers, business brokers and title companies mitigate/evaluate risk and perfect secured transactions.

Serving the legal and financial communities since 1987, FCS has grown substantially over the years. Throughout this growth, we remain driven to deliver the same personal service and care that helped carry us to where we are today. With our strong network of correspondents across the country, FCS covers every state, every county, every courthouse jurisdiction and more.

With clients ranging from government agencies to Fortune 500 and mid-size legal and financial institutions, we maintain customer service centers on both the west and east coast, assuring our clients’ requests are fulfilled in a timely manner.

Selected by the Illinois Bankers Association and the International Factoring Association as their nationally preferred vendor, and strategically partnered with CADENCE | Factorsoft Software and Harland Information Systems to enhance client experience, First Corporate Solutions is a trusted leader in the industry..

Scope of Nationwide Services:

  • UCC Services
  • Online UCC Portfolio Management System
  • Corporate Services
  • Lien Monitoring
  • Registered Agent
  • Real Property Title

Partnerships & Affiliations:

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