A civil litigation search is a critical piece of any thorough pre-funding due diligence investigation. Some lenders though are unsure about how exactly to order their search to achieve the best results. In addition to the search name, there are five basic pieces of information you will need to supply in order to secure a relevant and useful civil litigation search result. Download this free reference guide from First Corporate Solutions to learn more about how to order a civil litigation search.

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How Can First Corporate Solutions Help?
First Corporate Solutions provides the most accurate, timely and comprehensive litigation search and retrieval services available. We work with a uniquely trained network of dedicated field searchers who allow us to perform search in any court, in any jurisdiction, nationwide. We offer detailed reporting of any cases found including: party information, case status, nature of suit and more. Quarterly monitoring of court records is also available. Want to learn more? Contact us today at 800.406.1577 or info@ficoso.com.


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