Performing UCC searches at the state level is a relatively easy endeavor. The Uniform Commercial Code establishes filing officer responsibilities and filing rules and organizations such as the International Association of Commercial Administrators devise search protocols that are somewhat consistent across all states. Searching for UCC/Fixture Filings at the county level is a much more complex task. Due to some serious deficiencies, searchers have had a difficult time locating Amendments in the county records – and these deficiencies can result in an incomplete or inaccurate search when performed by an inexperienced searcher.

David Silverburg, President and CEO of First Corporate Solutions has been vocal about these issues and delivered an educational presentation on the topic. The purpose of his presentation was to help lenders and search professionals become aware of county index deficiencies with regard to locating UCC/Fixture Filing Amendments and to provide a forum for discussing concerns and sharing best practices.

Access a copy of David Silverburg’s presentation here and share your thoughts!

Download the presentation: UCC3 County Indexing Issues

For more information on UCC & Corporate due diligence, visit the First Corporate Solutions reference library or register for one of our free webinar events!


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