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[Updated 8/9/2012, 6:00 PM] Good news – First Corporate Solutions was told in our meeting this afternoon with Senator Corbett’s office that, even though the bill was amended again on 8/7/2012, the Senator has decided not to pursue SB 12 with provisions eliminating or even addressing the bulk sales law. Note that although this is fantastic news, there isn’t 100% certainty until the amended bill has been distributed, which should occur early next week.

The Senator will instead completely eliminate the current provisions and replace them with unrelated provisions addressing the Vehicle Code. The amendments are expected to be made to the bill next week, and we will remain vigilant to ensure that this does occur.

The decision not to pursue SB 12 as a bulk sales law measure is certainly in recognition of the opposition efforts that have been occurring, including direct contacts by constituents with their Assembly Members, coalition-building and teamwork with associations and businesses that have an interest in the bulk sales law, and direct lobbying with elected officials in the Capitol. Everyone has had a vital role in obtaining this pending outcome, and thanks are appropriately extended to each person and group that has stepped up to take action.

David Silverburg
First Corporate Solutions, Inc.

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