Creating a title report is a complex and detailed process. It requires experience and industry expertise to craft a comprehensive report that you can trust to assist you in making decisions.


1. Does your search company keep their word? Do you get your reports when promised?

2. Do they have errors & omissions insurance?

3. How often do they communicate with you? If your work will be delayed, do they tell you before it is due, or when it is already late?

4. How long has your search company been in business? First Corporate Solutions has been around since 1987.


5. Is your search company knowledgeable about title norms and customs?

6. Do they have a detailed understanding of title documents?

7. Do they read and understand all legal descriptions? Most searchers rely on addresses or parcel numbers instead of carefully reviewing the legal description. This practice can lead to incomplete and inaccurate reporting.


8. Does your search company cover the entire country?

9. Do they offer the full spectrum of public records research or title services only?

10. Finally, is your search company’s goal simply to sell you title reports?

First Corporate Solutions works with our customers to first understand their needs, then create a customized report that satisfies them.


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